How to Give a Sexy Massage to Your Love Doll Tonight

The dolls… the lovely love dolls..!! These dolls are highly known and popular among the boys, due to their realistic feel and soft texture. They are known to satisfy a man, just like a real girl does. But, do you only own the doll just for sex. Have you ever thought to give her a pleasure-filled foreplay or a sexy massage? We all know that the doll works superbly when it comes to sexual satisfaction. But since, it is designed similar to a real girl, thus, it can be very treated as the real girl during sexual intercourse. Obviously, you’ll also get bored one day after having just sex with the doll.

So, give her a massage tonight. Imagine, as if she is the girl that you have always loved. It would be seriously exciting and satisfactory enough.

Here is how you can massage the doll and feel the girl whom you love:

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1. Calm Your Mind

First of all, it is very essential to calm your mind. Only with an undisturbed mind, you’ll be able to enjoy the massage. Close your eyes and imagine that the girl lying down is your beloved. Make sure that there are no distractions in the room.

2. Use Some Massaging Oil

Let her lie on the bed with her tummy down. Sit over her. Make sure that you sit on her thighs or her butts. Since, she is a silicone realistic love doll, you can also use lubricant. Now, put some oil over her upper back. Feel her body with closed eyes. Keep massaging her back in circular motions and slowly slowly come to the lower back portion. Keep your beloved in mind.

3. Reach the Sensual Zones

Now, it is time to go deep down there. Keep massaging and reach the sensual zones. You will greatly enjoy this, if you are emotionally connected with the girl (whom you are imagining). Start massaging the inner thigh, pelvis and lower back. Constant massage in these zones will make you feel good. You can even keep kissing or licking the doll’s genitals. This will give a realistic touch to your massage.

The Action Begins

When you are highly aroused and deep into the emotion, then start the intercourse. You might not have experienced such a sexual pleasure with the doll, before. Since, you are imagining your beloved during the massage and sex, thus, this moment with the doll will be unforgettable.

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