How to Masturbation Toys Collection Make You a Grown Up Guy

Dating a girl can be like a joy ride for men. For some, it is a pure art, while some do not even know how to present themselves on a date. The one and most common attribute that a woman notices in a man, is the manly quotient. If you seem sexy and manly to a woman, it is for sure that she will go bonkers over you. A woman loves it when some naughty is talked about on the date. A naughty instinct should be there in you. Do not be afraid of talking a bit naughty on your first date. Remember that the girl is also somewhat interested in you and this is the reason she is with you on a date. So, talking in a sexual manner can help you pamper your lady.

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But, do you know that apart from cool looks, sexy clothes, naughty talks, there is one such element that can make you manly or a grown-up guy in front of girls? Girls really love grown-up manly guys who love talking about their fantasies and sex life. So, if you talk about your masturbation fantasies or the toys, the girl will definitely plan to burn the sheets with you in bed..!!

Talk About Your Collection

Talk about the massive collection of toys when you are with your lady. Tell her about your fantasies, about the way you masturbate. You can also explain the masturbation process type of masturbation toys you have. Obviously, she would know the process; but, hearing it from you can be a fire igniter. So, while you are talking about the collection, look at her sensually and describe the variety of toys.

Some of the toys that even women love are:

• Electric male masturbation cup 
• Barbara Flesh Style Male Masturbators 
• Automatic telescopic machine
• Vagina honey pot masturbator 
• Minx flesh male masturbator

And various others

So, having your own collection of such toys will make your lady fantasize sex with you. Further, talk dirty and flirty while discussing about the toys.

While you are taking dirty with your girl, tell her how she will help you masturbate with the toy, how she’ll move her hands around you, how you’ll kiss her while using the toy etc. such talks can really make your date go on another level. The manly instinct in you will surely make your lady impressed and fall for you.

So, prepare yourself for the date and be ready to show off the huge collection of toys at home. don’t forget to invite the lady at home and show her the massive collection of toys.

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