Bancor & bitJob Collaborate to Create STU-BNT Token Changer
Elad Kofman

The BitJob command does not sit still. This can only please. Every day there are news that you can learn with great pleasure. And yesterday is no exception.
“Bancor & bitJob collaborates in the creation of STU-BNT Token Changer”
Another tool in the promotion of the company.
P.S. Yes, who would have thought that, behind a global decentralized market for students, the BitJob team is carrying out the big task of spreading Blockchain technology to the extent possible and teaching the practical experience of using the next-generation digital currency. One way to attract all students around the world is to take a STU marker, and digital in general is a BitJob project for investing back into the Crypto community.
It remains only to express gratitude to the entire BitJob team!)

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