A letter to all tailgaters

Dear tailgaters,

Are you stupid or are you just dumb? You make driving 10 times more stressful. When you drive your car so close to mine that I can see your expression on your face in my rear view mirror, YOU ARE TOO CLOSE! I don’t want my safe driving to be affected by your stupidity and ego.

Now I am a good driver, I go the speed limit and do what you are supposed to do on any given road. I don’t go 10 mph under, I go the speed limit. Now if you want to live your life dangerously and speed, go ahead it’s not my life. There’s a thing called passing. When you get so close to my back bumper, it just makes me want to go slower. Stop being a jack@$$ and give a respectful following distance or just pass me. It’s not that hard.

I also hope you realize that if I suddenly have to break because something pops up into the road or something, You being two feet away from my bumper will make you crash into me and it will be your fault. I will be very angry if that happens and I don’t want to deal with stupid people like you. You aren’t worth my time.

So people who tailgate, here’s a lesson. Don’t do it! Its really not that hard and it’ll make your life and mine a whole lot less stressful and way more safe.

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