Occupational Therapy (OT) Course– Know the Career Options

The occupational therapist is regarded to be a professional who is known to assist people suffering from disabilities like having trouble in learning skills or recovering skills to live an independent life. Such patients are generally noticed to be dependent upon some family member or the other to carry out their regular work. Occupational therapy traditionally is said to be concerned with smaller muscles, like the hand. Physical therapy, on the other hand may deal mainly with mobility and the bigger muscle groups. As per the research conducted, occupational therapists around 50% have reported their job not being stressful, but an interesting one. To become an occupational therapist, the person needs to undergo OT Course and complete the master’s degree.

How to become a successful OT specialist?

To become an effective and efficient occupational therapist, it is important for the person to have excellent abilities to imagine the different effective adaptations and interpersonal skills that will be required to help the patient to lead an independent life. The professionals will assist them to get independent with a specific skill set or skill. The patient often is noticed to make slow progress and might become non-compliant or frustrated when practicing therapy at the home, between the therapy appointments. Ability to encourage and motivate the clients and having immense patience is a must have characteristics to enjoy being a successful OT practitioner.


It is necessary to join a reputed institution that offers accredited OT program. It needs to include minimum of twenty four hours of supervised field work along with clients. On successful completion of master’s degree, the therapists eager to practice their profession independently are required to qualify the national certification test. On being successful, they become officially registered Occupational Therapists and can have their designation placed against their names using the letters “OTR”.

Advanced educational program

The candidate eager to pursue master’s degree can go for undergraduate programs like anthropology, psychology, biology, anatomy and liberal arts. The coursework in the master’s program tends to focus upon the application of behavioural sciences, physical sciences, life sciences and occupational therapy theory.

Presently, there are about 150 master’s as well as combined bachelor’s-master’s degree including four doctoral programs offered the world over, accredited by the ACOTE (Accreditation Council for “Occupational Therapy Edu.” According to the industry experts, there is expected increased demand for qualified, talented, knowledgeable and experienced Occupational Therapists in the near future. Hence, those undergoing the program or planning to join one can benefit immensely in having a fabulous and highly rewarding career. This field according to the experts is anticipated to grow faster significantly when compared to other fields, especially within the sub-field working with those who belong to the elderly group. It also had been in the top fifty rankings of the best careers to have.

The qualified OT can enjoy better salary prospects, when compared to their counterparts in other fields. They can easily get jobs in private practices, schools, homes, home health care and mental health settings.