Common Diseases that you can Prevent with Regular Yoga Practice

Yoga is a time-tested ancient practice that involves physical, mental, and spiritual control to maintain or regain lost health. Yoga is widely practiced these days, where medical diseases are becoming increasingly prevalent and conventional medical treatments involve popping pills with associated side effects. While the importance of medicine in treating diseases is undeniably crucial, yoga as a lifestyle can significantly improve physical and mental health to prevent diseases. Yoga therapy classes focus on building the body’s defense system for fighting common infections and gaining a multitude of physical benefits.

Fighting depression and hypertension

Yoga asanas like uttanasana are potent in fighting signs of depression. With the correct practice of yoga therapy courses, a simple 20-minute regular workout can release feel-good hormones in the body, which elevate the mood and fight anxiety and depression. Mood-swings and behavioral changes can be brought under control with regular meditation. Yoga also involves breathing and physical exercises that can increase the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood and control hypertension.

Joint pains and skeletal problems

Joint problems like arthritis and lower back pain are getting common these days. Due to a hectic work schedule, most people are prone to arthritis. Tadasana or tree pose that involves technique and balance is one of the many yoga poses taught at yoga therapy training schools in India to strengthen the lower back. Yoga maintains the body’s flexibility and hence, prevents damage to joints that can result in arthritis. In patients with arthritis, joint pains are a constant issue. These patients can also benefit from guided sessions, which aim at reducing the pain.

Liver and digestive problems

Digestive problems are common with the lifestyle that most people follow. A yogic lifestyle involves many changes to the daily routine coupled with a dedicated self-practice session. These lifestyle changes, together with professional yoga therapy training, are beneficial for people prone to indigestion. Yoga asanas, such as the bridge pose and cat pose, focus on increasing blood circulation to the abdomen. These ensure that the liver receives ample amount of oxygen supply to maintain health.

Asthma and Respiratory diseases

Pranayama or breath control is an efficient way of increasing lung capacity and hence, the volume of oxygen in the body. In people with respiratory diseases, especially asthma, long-term use of inhalers can be prevented by practicing breathing exercises in a pollution free and ventilated environment regularly.

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