Interesting Facts About Breathing You May Not Have Heard About

It is a known fact that many individuals are opting for pranayama courses today to attain a sense of wellbeing through correct breathing and meditation techniques. Breathing techniques in particular help de-stress the body, apart from having several other benefits. However, not many are aware of some of the most interesting facts about breathing and its effect on the body.

Breathing can extend life

Ancient pranayama training programs associate the number of breaths we take with the number of years we live. With slower and deeper breaths, one can supposedly improve and extend his/her life.

Breathing Patterns can be changed

Unlike the rest of the body which functions on its own, breathing is the only system that remains under our control. This means we can easily change our breathing patterns through breathing practices mentioned as well as taught in many pranayama classes.

Breathing Patterns can change your mood

It has been found that an individual can change his/her mood by changing his/her breathing patterns accordingly. For instance, anger, stress, anxiety, etc. are emotions indicated by short gasps of breath. By breathing slowly and deeply, as taught in many pranayama courses in India, we can control the mind and make it calm down to the point where our mood changes for the better.

Breathing can reduce appetite effectively

Breathing slowly and deeply also allows one to control his/her appetite effectively. Studies have, in fact, revealed that people who breathe rapidly tend to overeat or binge. This is one of the benefits offered for those opting for the myriad pranayama courses in Rishikesh.

Breathing from the mouth can cause many health issues

Many individuals tend to breathe from their mouths. This can lead to different health issues in the long run. Some of these include, but are not limited to, bad breath, sleep apnea, misaligned bite, crooked teeth, shrinking of the jaw, snoring, tonsillitis, sore throats, and ear infections. It has also been found that individuals who breathe from the mouth tend to urinate frequently at night. Hence, it is recommended that you practice proper breathing techniques through your nose on a regular basis to stop breathing from the mouth and, in the process, thwart these issues.

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