Abhisek Vyas
Feb 26, 2017 · 2 min read

I went from pursuing a biological sciences major on the pre-med track to a business major on track to happiness. Yet, none of this matters. For most people, college should act as a launching pad for their careers. Instead, for the rest, it becomes a requirement ridden money eating waste of time.

Many of my friends have been asking me what sparked the decision to change my major after a year in college. It’s simple. I found where I fit-in in the world. After talking to many people who have been through the same crisis as me, I realized they all had something in common, deciding a lifestyle first and then a major.

Many of my peers don’t think like this because reality hasn’t hit yet. Once they find themselves at their first job or internship and they realize they hate what they’re doing, reality hits.

If you’re one of them, save yourself some time and money by thinking about it now. Where do you see yourself being the most useful in the world during and after college.

I wanted to become a doctor to help people. I realized that if I just want to help people I don’t need to be a doctor. I can help people by creating a business that impacts. It’s that simple. I found where I fit in. Although I don’t know where it’ll take me, I have direction.

This summer I’ve been living and working with a team of highly motivated entrepreneurs that force me to test my limits every day. We are building a business from the ground up and documenting the entire experience. Having met several different types of people in the past month of different backgrounds and work experience, I’ve realized that it doesn’t take a great education for one to be successful but rather just the right kind. One that may not be offered in traditional school. One that involves sheer passion.

Abhisek Vyas

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Learning to be present.

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