Hidden Grounds - New Brunswick, NJ

Why a robot will never replace a coffee shop

The coffeeshop, where eternal friendships form, work gets done, new feelings are discovered. I’m not a coffee aficionado by any means, in fact I barely drink it. However, I am a lover of new experiences.

I found myself in a coffee shop the other day with one of my friends. We had planned to have a business meeting there. At first glance on the outside it looked like every other shop on the block. To my surprise, when I walked in I found a whole new world that I never knew existed.

I was amazed by the vibe in the coffeeshop — people chatting, the aroma of different coffee beans, and a chill down my spine — I was left breathless.

I looked at the walls and the decorations in the shop as if I was in a museum. I felt present. Although, I wish I felt present more often, I don’t. I walked up to the counter with my friend and placed my order. I don’t remember the exact order but it was some fruity tea. On a side note, this was my first time drinking tea. I think the fact that I was in a new world it prompted me to try something different.

I was served on silver platter with a tea pot and two cups.

I admit I don’t go out enough, but my jaw dropped. I’m being served on a silver platter? I had only paid $3. What?! How is this possible? A new world for sure, just not in outer space, but rather in the Hidden Grounds of New Brunswick.

I honestly don’t think the same atmosphere would be possible if robots were to run the café. Every decoration, wall, and type of coffee had a story. I felt it. People were at the center of it all. Whether it was the magicians behind the bar or the individuals sitting behind the tables enjoying their drinks.