You’re going to die

The most motivational and inspirational words you will ever hear. Let this be a reality check to those who take moments in time for granted. I came across this quote recently and it has really changed my perspective on building meaningful relationships, conversations, and experiences.

People will not remember what you said but rather how you made them feel when you said it.

Ever since I heard this quote I’ve really honed in on logging my feelings after every conversation and experience. It’s incredible how positive of an impact it’s made on building meaningful relationships and having more meaningful conversations.

This comes after feeling the most alone I’ve ever felt last night in a time of need. We all have those moments where the world is falling apart around you and you simply don’t know what to do or who to turn to.

I was in the middle of a family crisis and thought to myself who do I call? I really needed help with something that was time-sensitive. I looked through my contact list and as I went through the list I thought about ever reason not to contact said person. There were a handful of people I could have called but they were all on vacation.

I thought to myself, what’s the point of having superficial relationships? Have I done anything to impact these people’s lives? How would they feel if I gave them a call at midnight asking them of something?

Not knowing the answers to these questions I did none of the above. Didn’t call anyone simply just stuck it out and dealt with it for the time being. However, it’s taught me a lesson. I need to cultivate more meaningful relationships.

Here’s a question you should ask yourself: If I were to die right now, was the last conversation I had with someone meaningful. By meaningful I mean did it invoke some feeling?

Since I’ve had this thought, I’ve had 4 calls so far. At the end of every call I asked myself that and logged my feelings after. I’m happy to say dying, right this moment, doesn’t sound so bad. Now think about this impact amplified. Use the same principle with experiences and everyday life.

I just started doing this and already feel the effects.

I’m becoming more self aware, learning more about how I feel, and fostering better and more meaningful relationships.

Start a feeling log, you’ll learn a lot about yourself. Would love to hear your thoughts if anyone actually tries any of this. Have an interesting idea for a side project as well, if anyone’s interested message me!