Top 3 Essential Features Most People Forget to Incorporate in eCommerce Mobile App

With the sky rocketing sales through eCommerce mobile apps, it has become mandatory for e-commerce website development service providers to see to it that mobile apps have all the required options.The WordPress development company in India is making a lot of efforts to make mobile apps efficient.

While most developers offer comprehensive mobile applications for e-commerce sites, they may forget or neglect to incorporate a few options.

Let us discuss the most neglected and most important features in mobile e-commerce –

Social media sharing options: As an online customer, we have all shared product information with friends and family before purchasing. Be it for a second option or for a final approval, almost all customers share product information with their peers. However, there are some mobile applications which have no social media sharing option. This is turning out to be a major challenge to e-commerce websites. When designing e-commerce mobile apps, developers and designers should always remember that social media sharing options help increase sales.

Customer Reviews and Product Queries: Reviews from people who have already purchased the product or users answering queries or doubts of people who want to make a purchase help the customers in making an informed decision. Mobile apps of e-commerce sites should incorporate this feature where customers can read and review products and make an informed purchase. Reviews will also increase the sales and trust value so it is important to include them.

Customer care: Another very important feature that may be missing from several e-commerce mobile applications is an option to connect to the customer care. This is extremely important. Contacting customer care through calls or chat is much easier when there is an option to do it on the mobile app. When designing and developing a mobile app, the professional should keep the user’s convenience in mind and craft the app accordingly.

Keep registration as simple as possible: One of the most frustrating things we can see on various e-commerce websites are long forms with so many and unnecessary fields. Apps which demanding too much personal information is not only time consuming but also discourage users. Make sure registration process on your mobile apps should be simple and with minimum fields to fill. You can see the example of Amazon, how smooth process they have maintained for their users. Otherwise, it will force your audience to jump to others apps.

Impressive layout designs: One of the most considered factors which we should keep in a mind that mobile app we are going to develop should fit on any screen or any device. It should offer easy and simple navigation. Though it’s a basic feature and various retailers do this mistake. Impressive display, easy navigation, content should not cram up etc. are the basic attributes to incorporate into e-commerce mobile apps.

Multiple Payment Gateways: Integrate all possible and popular payment choices in your mobile app to increase the sales and customers. Different customers have different choices and according to their suitability they choose a payment option and if app lacks these options means you wipe away your clients. Multi-store, multi-currency, payment gateways, multi-line push notifications, push notifications with images, Google map, RTL and Google Analytics are key factors for any e-commerce mobile apps.

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