I have begun to believe that I’m genetically supposed to be a bigger dude. I’m not giving up, but I don’t know if I can be as thin as people want me to be. Society won’t accept this, though. If there is SOME way to lose weight, it must something I should do, it seems. If I simply eat normal food throughout the day, I feel great, but I’ve been gaining weight slowly over the course of a decade by living this way. So it’s a conundrum.
I don’t need to see a doctor for this issue, because you know what solves the problem if I ever get…

Just saw your posts/comments and felt the need to say hi. For what it’s worth, genetics does play a part in your natural size. Don’t make yourself crazy. People refuse to accept the reality that not everyone is meant to be thin. Both sides of my family are 5'8"+ and sturdy/muscular (or became fat after decreasing activity). “Hot” for me is 185–200 pounds because I’m 6ft tall and built sturdy. At that weight, people guess I’m 150. Anyway, like me, your labs are fine because you’re healthy. Aesthetics come second to that. But please stop restricting calories so hardcore. That’s how I screwed myself up apparently.

People keep telling us to eat less but our bodies adapt to that by burning less calories. A trainer I’m considering is telling me I have to eat more (terrifying) and start lifting heavy (fun!). One of my best friends is a nutritionist and has told me to take psyllium (fiber) and a women’s multivitamin. And she agrees with the trainer but knows I need baby steps to wrap my head around the idea of eating more. Anyway, you might have heard this before, but I figured I’d risk a reply just in case. Happy trails to you.

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