Our Educational System: F or A+

When compared to the rest of the world, America’s educational system trails far behind several countries. Students are scoring lower and lower, expectations are getting less and less, and education is slowly becoming the last priority in the classrooms. For being a country that prides itself on being successful, the lagging education programs suggests otherwise.

So the big question is, who is to blame? What is causing this decline in our academics, and preventing America for being recognized as successful in all aspects, including education? It goes back and forth between the teacher, the parents and the school districts, but the one thing we never consider, is what about the students? They are too consumed with their cellphones, laptops, and i-Pads to put their efforts into the classroom. It is so easy to look up answers for homework, or find the tests online early instead of actually doing it for themselves. It’s easier to copy down the answers and run to their devices than sit with a problem or question and think about it for themselves.

Students aren’t curious anymore. They don’t want to know how climate change works, or what the derivative of 4x^5 means all they care about it is getting it done, turning it in, getting the A, and moving on to the next grade until they can collect their diplomas and say they are done. It’s unfortunate that as a society we have lost the ability to WANT to understand, relate or explore the world around us. But I think these attributes are learned in the classroom. When a teacher gives the answer instead of helping the student come to the answer they teach laziness and carelessness in a student.

Being smart is now determined by what grade you got or what your GPA is, it is no longer evaluated on what matters. Instead your intelligence reflects how good you are at Google, Chegg and Yahoo Answers. Now the few students who hold the ability to want to understand, learn and retain are becoming the minority in the classrooms. They are at an unfair disadvantage and the hopes of this stopping are slim as technology gets better and better. The only way this can change is if students un-plug from their phones, and plug in to the classroom.