How to create a new angular project

Stuffs You need (1)Download Visual Studio codes click here to download (2)Download node js click here to download,After downloading Nodes and having installed both setups open CMD and type this code node — -Version . This command will display the version of node js you have installed .Next You have to install angular cli . In your CMD type this code npm install -g @angular/cli and press enter to download angular cli. But if you have already installed them ,there is no need to install them again.

Creating a new project

The first thing you need to consider is where to create your project …It is advisable to create a separate folder for your angular projects.. Lets name that folder Angulr projects

Open CMD navigate into your folder by typing cd followed by the destination of the folder.mine is on desktop so this is how i go cd desktop and press enter then type cd Angular projects andpress enter

Now we have successfully navigated into the folder. So lets go ahead and create our project . Inside the cmd type ng new followed by the name of your projct .example ng new first app it will ask you wether you want to add angular routing type N and press enter .It will give you another options select the first option by pressing enter .Wait your project will be created

You are now done close cmd .Open your visual studio codes