Edhi Saab one of the renowned personality of Pakistan. He did a lot for the service of humanity at every stage of life either he has resources or not. I want to share one of the most important example from his early life when he was very young. Although his mother taught him to serve the humanity and often he taunt him if he showed greed in front of her and lied to her. Once when he was young , going to a playground with his friends, he saw a man on the platform outside shuttered shop. He was very well trained by her mother and he knew that he is not a professional beggar. He was wounded and shivering due to high fever. He told his friend to go to the playground and I will join you later. He returned home and told his mother about such a tragic scene and she gave him a mattress ,a blanket, medicine, clothes and some food. Then he came back to the street and bandaged him. Next morning he came again to the same place in the street with breakfast and was astonished that he had recovered.
From this example of his early life it should be very clear that he didn’t wait for anyone that others would help him and then he would able to help that person. He when he was very young takes at his own and follow one of the principle “Just Start” and considered as his own duty to help that needy. And this principle made him from Abdul Sattar to “EDHI SAAB”.
I also believe in the principle of Just start and I will apply the principle to achieve my goal.And from this example ,I learnt a lot of things which are important to achieve my goal and the main thing I learnt is not wait for others and here comes a quotation “Just Start. Let the work teach you”
It is not necessary that you should know about the planning to achieve your goal but the point is that you have to start to achieve the goal instead of relying on others.

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