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First is the name of Allah the most beneficent and the most merciful

  • Man is a great creation of Allah Almighty and when we think about nature and all system around us then a lot of questions comes to our mind very lovely story is that yesterday I met to one my friend Mr Zeeshan He was quite fine and a having a good and ethically commands on his personality. Also He is my batch fellow and well committed person of his nature Still at that time He is working on his thesis work and research project I,m so excited because I,ll be want to know about his future life,plans,goals,
  • I,m curious that I want to know a lot of new things from other peoples life so that’s why this is a good time for me when I stated my conversion with fellow Zeeshan at university. He is facings a lot if challenges at that time for the survival of his next life lack of confidence,skills,communication, as well as expenses is also but he was hopeful to secure the abroad scholarship but my question was that what,s your goal after having all kind if information about Zeeshan what will you do after your graduation He said that he has a big idea to open coffee shops but this one is a bit difficult to understanding for me, as a person is studying physics as a major subject and after completing he,ll be willingly ready to open coffee shop on a outstanding standard .I think at that time he was not clear r mentally that what should he has to do after graduation,one time he said he will be to serve the nation through research work stimulate material research while on the hand he said a big plan to open coffee shop ?????
  • Its a quite difficult that how the people and obviously our students generation is going where? Still they are direction less condition and they don’t have to understand the criteria for the scope of their education career. I think a perfect counselling is required to found out the passion of man, personality of what type they have? What they should have to do?
  • Zeeshan was introvert personality but when I met him before 2 years ago. I did a lot of hard work and convert a introvert personality to extroverted this one is possible we did enjoy a lot visit different mall,shopping centers and ate different recipes that gives us a lot of energy we made many plans and did a lot of enjoy and noe he is a social person as well
  • I suggest him a lot if new things that he should have to focus on them and then more and more grooming is at there .
  • And at the end we made a new plan for again warmly wonderful session again.

Thank you

M Awais Munir

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