Being interested is actually the key to success

First of all I would like to put some light on my topic and about what it is.

Every individual have a desire of being interesting that people know him but I am talking about interested. Being interested means get interest in someone else without any interest and in return you would become interesting automatically.

When I did this challenge I was so amazed when I was analyzing the results. When I was interested in other people they were more interested in knowing me that I become interesting as a byproduct. I practice the challenge with most of my friends and a teacher and their response was superb.

When I talked to one of my friends I asked him “What are you doing these days?”. He told me “I am doing internship at NTDC WAPDA”. He explained the structure over there very well that I got basic idea of the field that he was working in. He actually told me fundamental things but interesting.

When I asked the same question from one of my teachers. He told me about his daily office routine and bulk of work that he has to do every day and “He was so happy that I am asking about him and not come up with an application for approval or recommendation” .

This challenge was wonderful and worth learning. I got the main concept behind being interested and interesting.

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