Stress Management

I started out the week knowing I hadn’t really studied for an exam that I had on Monday night. Then, throughout the week we are focusing on our final research project in my writing class, on top of doing another paper we have to do for the same class. And of course have to focus on all my other studies and other important things! STRESS. So I decided to write about stress management.

I’ve never been a person who had a “good” sleep schedule. I always go to sleep late. Even if I am not staying up to do homework. I’ve practically nocturnal. According to “Campus Mind Works”, sleeping regularly will help you reduce/manage stress.

This is the link to Campus Mind Works article that has tips on how to manage and reduce stress while in college. It talks about how to manage stress, the pros and cons of stress, how to know when you’re experiencing to much stress, and ways to reduce all that stress. I found this helpful for me because I truly want to be successful in college. This is relevant to me because I always found myself stressed during the school year. I’ll never forget the day I thought my brain was going to explode from all the stress. I am going to try and focus myself on manage not only managing my time but my stress as well.

In high school I always found a way to do well. Even with a big work load. But in college, I don’t think I’ll be as successful that easily. I want to start setting my priorities and getting them done. Also, I’m going to start focusing on doing my homework as early as possible, and not set it off for when it is due the next day (I’m the king of procrastination).

My goals for the upcoming week are:

  1. Finish homework as soon as possible
  2. Write down in my planner more (and actually look at it)
  3. Get more sleep!

I think with these 3 steps I can begin to reduce my stress and be more successful.

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