Technology in Pakistan

It is all about technology over the last 10 years. Everything is under the control of internet and electronics . Every electronics item under the siege of ipv4 and IPv6 and now we are enhancing it so that we make it comfortable for our every day facilities even using know circuit integrated (Toilet) isn’t this funny….

Arfa Software Technology Park

Now come to Pakistan,here in Pakistan tech is on fire. Technology is spreading like plague or a disease that is uncured.With Pakistan future policy with China about CPEC .Pakistan government is now working side by side to ensure that every facility will be provided to a Pakistani citizen which target Tech on the priority. Chinese companies started to invest in Pakistan.This facilitate Pakistan to become the world next tech harbor which not only facilitate his own nation but other nations also.

KP Govt. to set up CPEC Information Technology Park in Peshawar

Private and Government sector are now in hurry to elevate their nation to the next level of modernization of new tech era…….

People like Raghib Hussain(Co-founder of Cavium)and Arfa Karim are the best example how ensured Pakistan future towards the modernize Pakistan