Enjoying old friendship

Reconnecting friends

Since the start of my final year at UET, I got myself lost in the tough schedule. The days were too hard that I could not think of any other thing than the routine works. The little free time which was available was spent in rest and making myself prepare for the challenges ahead. As a result, I neglected my old friends and forgot to contact them on regular basis. After some time, I started feeling myself alone and there was no one to share my mental stresses and to rejoice some time with my old fellows. So, I have set my goal to reconnect them and to make a little space for them in my tough routine.
Friendship is a gift of God and one without friends is the poorest person in this world. We can talk for hours with our friend to release our mental worries and pressures and ask for help in any difficulty. I have experienced a semester without friend. Life becomes quite harsh and tasteless without them. Hence, my goal to re-communicate my friends is quite important for me.

The most severe challenge is to allocate some time to achieve my goal. Because we are totally bound by our daily tasks, so we cannot just find any extra time to start a new project. I had to allocate some hours to my old friends to make me fresh to survive in the exhausting schedule. Moreover, there is also another barrier of ego among the friends. I had to overcome it in order to accomplish my goal.

I had divided the method to achieve my goal in a number of tasks. I had to complete three of these tasks in this week. The first task was to make a list of the friends who are continuously being ignored. Secondly, I had to contact them by phone call to ask about their life and daily routine. Thirdly, I had to meet one of them this week and spend some nice hours with him.

On making a list of the friends, I had many challenges about the selection of those I wanted to give my time. The most apparent reason is how to contact the people who have not tried to contact me so far. I had to overcome my ego in this step and I made a list of many friends who were not with me due to some clash of opinions or some other reasons. However, this experience encompassed the recollection of many beautiful memories of my friends and I could not stop myself smiling remembering the past. When I met one of my friends to complete the third task, we had a long walk and dinner together.

I have learnt a number of things from this experience of rejoining my old friends. First of all, I got over my ego of not contacting many people who had not questioned my absence from their life. Secondly, meeting with just one friend solved many of my problems regarding final year project and studies.
I have decided that I will not confine this project just to three steps and allocate adequate time for my friends to have a chit chat and spend some nice time with them. Furthermore, I want to increase my circle of influence t more people so that I may not have any other social cut-off in the future.