Little Coffeeshop Romance

Gail turned the page of her book, ignoring the increasing thud thud thud of her heart. She didn’t want to — needed not to — feel the heated stare from the woman sitting two tables away.

Vaughn moved into Gail’s neighborhood a couple of weeks ago. She came into the coffee shop every day. Each day Vaughn ordered something different and sat by a window, typing away on her computer for a few hours. She watched Gail, too. Gail enjoyed the attention, basking in the way Vaughn’s eyes roamed over her body but lingering on her hair.

Gail never felt beautiful, but she did not shy away from the attention of others. Like her Mama, who had a hat shop in Texas, always said, “One person’s ugly hat is another’s crown.” Still, no matter how many times she willed herself to approach Vaughn– to take the girl’s order, which Gail could easily do, after all, this was her shop and everyone knew that she liked to talk with her customers– she just couldn’t do it, not even the times Vaughn smiled at her.

Deciding to get back to work, Gail walked behind the counter and into the kitchen. The shop needed more deserts, and Gail always enjoyed an excuse to bake. Trying to shut down her mind, Gail worked loudly, attracting the attention of Don, one of her employees. “Just go talk to her before you set this place on fire,” he said handing her an oven rack.

“I..I just can’t,” she replied, placing the cookies in the oven and slamming the door shut.

Don stared, one eyebrow arched inquisitively. “Uh-huh. I’ll clean up in here; you go man the front with Laura.”

“I thought I was the boss, ” Gail retorted.

“Yea, of the shop, but apparently not of your love life, so…” Don trailed.

Gail grinned and shook her head at Don, but walked out anyway, hoping to catch another glimpse of Vaughn. Gail shivered when saw Vaughn, now sitting nearby.

Their eyes met, and Gail wondered if time had stopped. Perhaps it had.


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