Instead of spending time attacking people of color for having high expectations of the environments and participants around us, you can turn our energies toward the people who seek to return this country to pre-Reconstruction times.
A Modest Proposal For Your Education Conferences (By The One Black Educator You Know)
Jose Vilson

Honestly, this needs to happen. I need more empathetic liberal whites to use their platforms. Whether they’re big named actors, governors, CEOs and sports team owners, publicly chastise your fellow whites supporting the digression of America. Put your local officials on blast for their gerrymandering compliance. Superintendents of schools with visible “Mason-Dixie” lines, call them out on their visible (but they think invisible) racial segregation of staff, supplies and resources. But leave me to my tea & scones because the maximum has been met, 10 yrs ago. Thank you, Jose for this enlightenment!