Close Texas Schools Before Spring Break Ends

March 13, 2020


Angela Walch and Brenda Rowe

All K-12 schools in Texas should be closed immediately to help our state cope with COVID-19. As we have widespread outbreaks of the virus in the US and public health experts urge that we transition from hoping to avoid the virus (containment) to mitigating its effect on our healthcare system, superintendents must act proactively to prevent further spread of the virus in the state. Critically, this must be before students return from spring break.

As of this morning, we have confirmed cases in the…

I am excited to be part of the founding editorial board of a new academic journal: The Journal of Financial Technology.

The JFT is a free and open-access academic journal founded to provide a quality venue to promote and develop fintech as an academic field. It will bring together mathematics, statistics, computer science, finance, and law. Publication is open-access, and authors retain copyright.

The JFT welcomes submissions for Volume I, Issue 1! Submission instructions are here.

Financial technology is reshaping our financial system in important ways, bringing both benefits and risks. Fintech sits at the intersection of many academic disciplines…

I’m excited to be teaching a new course at St. Mary’s University School of Law in Fall 2018, exploring the legal and policy issues around cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. Suggestions on topics, reading materials, or guest speakers are welcome! (Volunteers for guest speakers taken as well.)

Since Spring 2013, I have integrated digital currencies into my Law of Money seminar, but this is an opportunity to devote a full course to this topic, which I think is more than ready to support the time and investigation.

Below is an overview of my current plans for the course.

Course overview


*Edited for additional clarification on March 1, 2018 at 10:45am

Today I was quoted in a Bloomberg article entitled Bitcoin-Futures Regulator Clears Employees to Trade Crypto Coins.

I was quoted, accurately, as saying:

“This is actually mind-boggling that they are allowing investing in this at all,” said Angela Walch, an associate professor who specializes in digital money and financial stability at St. Mary’s University School of Law. “It could absolutely skew their regulatory decisions.”

Bloomberg’s report and my quote have been picked up by a number of other media outlets.

I am writing to add additional context to my quote…

Mr. Finance and the Ghost of Pre-Crisis Past visit finance festivities circa 2007.

The Ghost of Pre-Crisis Past

Mr. Finance awoke with a start to a heavy darkness.

He fumbled for his smartphone to check the time. It read 8:00. But, that couldn’t be — it had been nearly 8 when he got home last night, and there was no hint of a sunrise to indicate a new day.

“There’s no way I’ve slept through a whole day till 8pm,” he thought. He rushed to the window to confirm. It was deadly quiet, with no people in the streets.

Mr. Finance went back to bed and lay awake thinking. He thought for a…

On the Eve of Bitcoin Futures Markets, Mr. Finance is visited by Ghosts of the Financial Crisis.

A Tale in 5 Blocks

(with thanks to Charles Dickens)

Block 1(Genesis Block) — Ghosts of the Financial Crisis

The Financial Crisis was over: to start. No one is questioning that. The bailouts had concluded, inquiries had been held, fines had been paid, and laws had been passed. The Financial Crisis was buried deep in the past. A decade is a long time.

And Mr. Finance (meaning the good folks of the financial sector) knew the Financial Crisis was over. Of course, there could be no doubt. Mr. …

Angela Walch

Assoc. professor at St. Mary’s University School of Law & Research Fellow at the Centre for Blockchain Technologies at University College London. @angela_walch

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