Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes in 2016

There has never been a more exciting time to do what I do.

Never have the markets been more fluid, more atomic and never has the need for clarity in intent and brand value been more essential for a company’s success.

Being able to connect globally with businesses on a daily basis and add my own point of view to their decision-making process is honestly a gift. The market’s personal one to me.

There is a renaissance of marketing happening right now, redefined for a new era.

Grounded in but something new from what preceded. Grounded in but something more simple and basically behavioral than the data driven imperatives that drive most of our business decisions.

I realized mid last year that I’m squandering this opportunity for myself.

Throughout 2015 I had been spending a lot of time working with my investment LuliTonix from an operational perspective.

I seriously love what this company is doing.

It’s making a difference and riding the massive swell and influence of the wellness trend. Forging a true community brand with corresponding revenue in a still evolving market.

But I’ve decided to change–not my support or board level ties with LuliTonix certainly –but my operational involvement.

At the core, I want to do what I’m great at and what makes me happy. I’m fortunate that they are the same.

I want to move big ships in game changing ways. Provide strategic direction for exploding ideas through gravity defying upswells.

By DNA I’m a brand and market builder in the tech space.

I thrive where tech innovation meets emerging markets.

Sometimes this means selling stuff made out of atoms, sometimes it’s a platform. Very often it’s been business-to-business and consumer software but always creating a runway for the dream of a different world.

That’s the world I work in, crafting communities that can become markets.

And LuliTonix has a visionary CEO who can do better with me as an advisor rather than an operator.

So —

For those in the food world, LuliTonix is recruiting a president. Ping me if you are interested or have ideas and I’ll connect you to the right people.

For myself, I’ve been hard at this change for months now. And flexible as to where it takes me.

I’m forging relationships with some contemporaries, both on the financial and bigco brand auditing fronts to do some joint projects.

I’m refocusing my thinking, doubling down on my core intuitions on how to create and leverage communities.

And a pet project figuring out a structure to work with seed and venture funds to advise cross their portfolios adding what I do one on one in a more scalable way.

I’m simply stoked.

Getting up at dawn every day, blogging, doing intervals at the gym with This American Life as my daily mantra of storytelling in my head.

And — rewriting for the third time now — chapter one of a short ‘something’ about my decade long love affair with artisanal and natural wine.

To everyone, and to the unknown opportunities that are always surfacing, I’m raising my glass to a truly great year.

One month in and already over performing.

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