The Ongoing Battle Between Grocery Stores and Walmart & Costco

The two retail giants Walmart and Costco have displayed a great amount of growth in Canada in the past few years. According to Kevin Grier Market Analysis and Consulting, in 2016, the rate of growth in sales in these stores have diminished compared to the rate of growth in previous years. In Canada, veteran grocery companies have been trying to compete with Walmart and Costco. Loblaw has been upgrading its stores and adding fine breads & cheeses. Grocery stores have really been trying to amplify the quality of its goods, and they are making their food less pricy to compete with Walmart and Costco.

Source: Shaw, Hollie. “Grocers are making headway in the fight for food market share against Walmart, Costco.” Financial Post. April 12, 2017. Web. April 16, 2017.