“Sell Your Books Today! How To Be Your Own Publicist,” by Jennifer Perry is a delightful read, and quite helpful for those who wish to learn new ways to market their independently published books. Whether your books are fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or other types of works, there is something for everyone in this little book.

There is a lot of information available out there regarding marketing books: on the internet, through conferences, and through writer’s groups like Phoenix Publishing & Book Promotion. All these sources will provide you with invaluable resources. The best thing about Jennifer Perry’s book is that…

The Route 66 Connected Me With My Father

John Vachon/Farm Security Administration via New York Public Library

My father was always distant when I was younger, always involved in work or church activities. He loved me and my sister, I could always tell that, but he had a difficult time connecting with his children. He never talked about his past, although I had a few uncles and aunts who mentioned a few random things here and there. I really wish I knew more about him from his own stories, but through the Route 66 I found a way to connect.

We always traveled for vacations when I was a…

Photo by Huỳnh Đạt from Pexels

Parrots bite for several reasons, some clear, some not. To understand your bird best, you need to know the body language of your bird. Below, I covered a few reasons why parrots bite, both obvious and obscure.

First, a bird who is not comfortable with you will bite out of fear. It’s one of the only weapons they have to protect themselves. Although they have clawed feet, using these feet again a being 100 hundred times their size is not easy. The beak is easier and more efficient. If your bird is biting you because they are frightened of you…

Photo by Pixabay

Some Thoughts on the Current Ballet World in America

Part One

Ballet in America has been slowly dying for years, and a good amount of us know it. A combination of the defunding of arts endowments, lack of relevance, and a sense of elitism have slowly eaten away at the core of ballet in this country. Of course, it is not the only art that has suffered due to a similar combination of events, and some have survived and even thrived in spite of it, but it would be such a shame to lose such a beautiful art form as ballet altogether.

Although there are many items one could…

Andrea Walker

A L Walker is the author of “What Happened in the Cove,” a sci-fi/urban fantasy for YA/NA readers. She also loves to write on various other topics.

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