Best ever OS from Microsoft — Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest release from Microsoft released in late 2k15 and predicted to be the last Windows update. It’s developed by combining Windows 7 & 8 features while some extra features are also introduced. Windows 10 is freely available for users already working on Windows operating system otherwise it costs $100+ for upgrading your system to Windows 10.

Windows 10 Features

There are lots of features introduced in this updates and few of them are as:

Upgraded Start Menu

· It’s a combination of Windows 7 & Windows 8 Start menu and more personal, more organized, and more enjoyable than ever.

Upgraded Store

· Windows Store is the one stop shop and you’ll find music, videos and apps there.

· You can download free app or try the paid app before buying.

· All Windows 10 supporting apps can be installed on any Windows 10 device.

Advanced Cortana

· Cortana is an intelligent personal assistant developed by Microsoft.

· Search your query and select from knowledge base or navigate through voice.

· Ask her for Jokes or setting up an e-mail account.

Edge Browser

· Instead of using Internet Explorer , a new browser named Edge was developed for Windows 10.

· You can take notes, write on the webpages, doodle, and highlight directly on webpages.

· Cortana is linked to Microsoft Edge to help you do things faster and easier just like as search tools for iOs devices.

Continuum’ feature

· It allows you to potentially connect a phone or tablet to a monitor and keyboard and use it like a PC.

· You can save save your data on your pc whatever you left on your mobile.

Pros and Cons


· Perfect interface for Touch as well as for non touch devices

· Cortana and Edge are worth upgrading

· Easy updating process

· Up-to-Date Security

· Unified Development


· Reduced Flexibilty

· Botched Updates


Windows 10 is the ideal step by Microsoft, by combining the best elements of Windows 7 and 8. With new features like Cortana and Edge, extensive desktop interface refinements and Microsoft’s free upgrade offer, it’s a must-have for anyone who uses Windows.

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