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Since its inception E-commerce experienced tremendous growth. A great number of E-
Commerce sites and platforms has been developed including the ones that offers users
opportunities to sell their products and services, open their online stores, reach their
remote customers with a click of a button. Online consumers will grow to 1.623 billion in
2018 from 1.079 billion in 2013, according to the United Nations Conference on Trade and
With popularity and availability of smartphones and tablets M-Commerce emerged, a
totally new frontier of shopping from a phone.
BI Intelligence, Business Insider’s premium research service forecasts that m-commerce will
reach $284 billion, or 45% of the total U.S. e-commerce market, by 2020.

How StuffGoGo will fix these issues
StuffGoGo (SGG) is a totally different approach to online commerce. It’s ecosystem of P2P
connected nodes, there are no servers, it’s fully decentralized. StuffGoGo allows users to
interact and exchange payment directly with no middleman. Because there is no one in the
middle of your transactions there are no fees, no restrictions, no accounts to create, and
you only reveal the personal information that you choose.
• SSG is Privacy and Security Centric. No big brother, no central server, no personal
information capture and no data mining. Your data cannot be stolen or sold,
because nobody other then you has it. Data is distributed across the nodes with
redundancy and context based dynamic encryption
• SGG Ecosystem is Extremely Resilient, it can’t be disabled/turned off. No entity
controls it and it is run by users similarly to most cryptocurrencies. Your product
store will be online until you and only you decide to close it
• NO Fees and NO Restrictions. For most users, products and services it’s free for
both buyers and sellers. No commissions, no fees. Arrange for local pickup or pay
online with payment method of your choice including SGG tokens, or other
cryptocurrencies. Since your data is only yours, we are not imposing any limitations
and restrictions on items that can be bought and sold. The system is a community
operated democracy
• User Experience Focused. Simple, Tidy, Efficient, Beautiful. We have top UX experts
in our team. Our future roadmap includes snap-and-post super easy for-sale
postings using computer vision algorithms already developed by us

SGG / BTC Wallet integrated. We believe that lowering barrier to entry for non-
crypto users to start using crypto for transactions through a wallet integration and
friendly UI is a key adoption factor.
• Social Engagement – SGG ecosystem includes not only “Buy it Now” listings, but also
variety of auctions – Silent, Regular and Dutch. It also includes online classifieds
materials, in a Craigslist style. Deleting boundaries between regular eCommerce and
simple classifieds services will make SGG “go to” place for variety of
selling/buying/leasing workflows.
SGG and OpenBazaar
SGG to OpenBazaar is like Ethereum to Bitcoin. OpenBazaar is a wonderful project
pursuing liberation of P2P trades and early in our development we’ve been considering
partnering with this project, but had to take a separate approach due OpenBazaar platform
limitations and different priorities and goals.
Most important points where our strategies are totally different:
- SGG is mobile first, PC second. Where OB is PC first
- SGG uses whole ecosystem to support your store. You can turn off your phone, but
your items would still be for sale. OB slowly getting in this direction as well
- SGG focused on usability, “no geek required”. OB is not there
- SGG has integrated crypto wallets, user don’t need to know what bitcoin or SGG
token is to start using it. OB does not offer these
- SGG has build-in currency (SGG token) to enable huge internal bandwidth, no
transaction fees and much more

SGG comes both with auctions and Craigslist-like classifieds
- SGG comes with integrated search
SGG platform has been already developed for almost a year funded by founders and
bootstrapped from existing revenue coming from software development and consulting
business. To accelerate development, build the whole SGG community/ecosystem and add
required flexibility to our platform architecture through the use of our SGG token therefore
achieve massive success by timely releasing full featured product to the market we decided
on bringing external investments in form of SGG Ethereum - based token sale.
SGG token is a crucial part of SGG platform and will become increasingly valuable and
liquid commodity with platform release and maturation. It will be used internally by the
system to enable high-volume no-fees transactional bandwidth and It can be also used by
customers to make purchases, promote listings, post advertisements, run powerful seller
tools, post in restricted commercial sections (such as for auto dealers, realtors) and much
ICO Parameters
ICO Start Date: Saturday, August 12, 2017 6:00 AM UTC
ICO End Date: Saturday, September 9, 2017 6:00 AM UTC
Total number of SGG Tokens issued: 1 000 000 000
Token Exchange rate: 5 000 SGG = 1 ETH
Minimum transaction amount: 500 SGG (0.1 ETH)
Maximum transaction amount: 15 000 000 SGG (3 000 ETH)

Bonus: in the first two days the participants will get a 20% tokens bonus
Bounty: 20 000 000 Tokens (2% of issuance)
Total Sale goal: 100 000 ETH Minimal Sale goal: 1 ETH
Token emission and distribution rules:
50% (500 million tokens) will be available to participants;
2% (20 million tokens) allocated for bounty
38% (380 million tokens) will remain in the SGG Global Foundation until the official
exchange is launched, the tokens will be used to form a stable market and further
development over the next five years.
10% (100 million tokens) will be distributed among team members;
All collected funds shall be received and stored on wallets with multi-signatures.

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