Even if I say I feel your pain, I’ll be wrong.
Tchassa Kamga

I read your warm words and I know you understand.

Some friends already know about it and they want to know his crime. “ what did he do” is all I’ve been getting.

I say he did nothing and they don’t believe.No one would, not even me. But I also know I can’t tell almost all of them about this; they won’t even follow.

They want something like he cheated or he forgot my birthday. I have no popular excuse for leaving so it makes me bad plus my girl friends think I’m secretive.

But its fine. I feel way better than I’ve felt in a long time. I needed this.

Kamga thanks for taking time to write this. I feel like I should now; happy. And because attitudes are more important than facts, I’m making that conscious decision to be me and live for me.

Like you rightly said; I’ll be fine.

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