Best Colleges For Students Interested in Social Justice

Would you like to make a difference in the world after you graduate? Are you passionate about the environment, human rights, equal pay, ethical business practices, and political activism? If so, you may be interested in attending a school that prioritizes social justice and prepares students for a future in fighting for others. Here are five great schools to consider.

1. Mills College MBA Program

It may be hard to imagine an MBA program having much to do with social justice. In fact, the corporate world and social justice are often at odds with one another. Well, Mills College is a bit different. Their MBA curriculum includes courses that emphasize social justice, sustainability, and ethical business practices. This is a great program for students who want to make changes to the overall corporate infrastructure from the inside out.

2. Hampshire College

Hampshire college has a deep and long tradition of encouraging students to work hard for social change. Rather than selecting a traditional major, students select an area of concentration where they are guided by a set of advisors. Schools at the college include:

● Civil Liberties And Public Policy

● Critical Studies of Childhood Youth And Learning

● Feminist Studies

● Ethics And The Common Good Project

Hampshire college also offers summer programs through its Institute For Transforming Social Justice.

All in all, this is a great liberal arts college that allows young, creative minds, to design programs that will prepare them to act in the best interests of oppressed peoples and underserved communities all over the globe.

3. American University

It’s nearly impossible to attend a college that has been the launching pad for so many in the world of politics and journalism without developing at least some awareness of social justice causes. Not only does American University encourage students to become involved and educated in matters of political activism, green issues, equality, and oppression through its curriculum, it offers students an entire living experience focused on social justice.

The Social Justice Living Learning Community is an on campus housing option for American University students. In addition to living among other like-minded students, residents participate in educational programs on social justice matters. They travel to historic sites within the Washington DC area. They are visited by special guest speakers, and attend special seminars and clinics.

4. University of Chicago

As a major American city, Chicago offers plenty of opportunities to people interested in social reform. Environmental activists, community organizers, lawyers, and others have lived and worked in Chicago to make changes that have rippled across the nation.

The staff at the University of Chicago work hard to ensure that students are aware of social justice issues by prioritizing these subjects in relevant courses. There is also a school led initiative to keep students informed of opportunities to get involved at the local level.

5. St. Louis University School of Public Health And Social Justice

Students who attend the school of public health and social justice focus on one of five academic areas. These are:

● Applied Behavioral Analysis

● Social Work

● Health Administration

● Public Health

● Criminology/Criminal Justice

The goal is to educate students and prepare them to work to improve the health and well being of the communities in which they live and serve. Initiatives the school has led includes the mapping of infant lead exposure in the city of St. Louis, and creating interventions for at risk students.


The world needs passionate, hard working students who will stand up for the rights of others, work to protect the environment, and ensure that needed services are provided to communities all over the globe. Whether you want to be a social worker, teacher, nurse, doctor, business professional, or enter any other profession, these schools will provide opportunities and education in social justice. The staff at Awarded Essays thanks and congratulates you for your commitment to service.