5 Fantastic Custom Trophies Combining Metal and Acrylic

Acrylic and metal are a fantastic combination when it comes to creating custom trophies. By uniting the vibrant colours of cast acrylic with the sleek solidity of plated aluminium, it’s possible to impressive eye- catching awards. Here at EFX, our ability to put these two complimentary materials together in our bespoke acrylic awards is one of the main reasons that our customers keep returning to our design studio.

Expertly introducing coloured acrylic to a nickel or gold plated aluminium design can create a powerful impact of any organisation’s logo when someone’s picking up their award. Over the years, we have designed many an acrylic trophy. Here are five of our metal and acrylic designs which we are most proud of:

7 Up Top DJs

When we were asked to design custom trophies to recognise the top 100 DJs as voted for by readers of DJ Mag, using a vinyl record as a template was a perfect solution

With its eye-catching ‘record’ design, this award combines mint-green colour printed laser cut acrylic with gold-plated platinum to stunning effect, with the latter making up the rim of the record. Every recipient had their name engraved directly onto the layered base, leaving people in no doubt who was ‘Top of the pops.’

Creative Review Annual Award

This stylish and minimalistic award was designed for the monthly arts and design magazine Creative Review’s Annual Awards, which recognises young talent and outstanding contributions made by those working in the visual communications industry.

We designed and manufactured these polished nickel-plated aluminium ‘A’ trophies specifically for the event. Each trophy was engraved on the side and mounted on a black acrylic base — a simple, stylish design that any artist would appreciate.

DIRAC Science Award

For our ambitious set of DIRAC Science awards, we combined laser cut acrylic with a ’floating’ machined aluminium ball to create an atom shape before mounting the result on a tiered aluminium and acrylic base. The winners’ names were engraved directly onto a magnetic plate fixed to the base.

Intermolecular Award

Another science-related creation saw us using fluorescent edge-lit acrylics and mirror-finished nickel-plated aluminium to emulate floating molecules. The result was a wonderful set of bespoke acrylic awards which came with a contemporary twist.

Unilever Lips Award

Piercing acrylic can always create a unique sense of depth and substance in a trophy. This is best shown by our eye-catching Unilever Lips Award, which combined laser cut red acrylic with polished nickel plated aluminium to create a fantastic great acrylic trophy that didn’t fail to put a smile on the face.

Contact us!

Here at Award EFX we would be delighted to combine acrylic and plated aluminium to create some extra special bespoke acrylic awards for your awards ceremony. If you would like to know more about our custom trophies or tell us your ideas for your own acrylic trophy, please get in contact with us by emailing award@efx.co.uk or call 01789 450005 for your own design, completely free.

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