Bespoke Acrylic Awards: Which Processes Can You Use?

Acrylic is one of the most versatile materials a designer can draw from when creating a stylish award. Bringing it with it the potential properties of vibrant colours, extremely high quality graphics and custom shapes, acrylic is a virtually limitless medium when it comes to creating custom trophies. That’s why our own design studio specialises in creating bespoke acrylic awards and why acrylic is one of our clients’ favoured designed choices.

Here at EFX, we specialise in creating custom trophies which use the four main acrylic manufacturing processes: cast acrylic, encapsulation, lamination and profiled, free-standing forms. But what are these processes? Here is some more information about how we create our stunning bespoke acrylic awards.

Cast acrylic

Cast acrylic is produced by pouring acrylic’s liquid ingredients into moulds. By designing a bespoke mould in the desired shape, it is a very versatile way to create a unique finished trophy. For their size, cast acrylic awards are surprisingly weighty, making them visually and physically impressive awards that any recipient will be glad to get their hands on.

One excellent example of a cast acrylic trophy is our Love Perfume Award, which used cast acrylic in the shape of — surprise! a perfume bottle. The bold colours and solid shape of this design made any recipient fall in love with it easily.


In the encapsulation process, other materials are internally suspended within the acrylic itself. When combined with graphics, this is great at producing a 3D effect, providing the acrylic with the illusion of depth and giving the resulting trophy a real visual difference.

An award that we are particularly proud of featuring encapsulated artwork is our New Thinking award, which featured internally encapsulated rainbow artwork to create a visually stunning award.


Lamination is essentially the process of manufacturing the acrylic in different layers, often of different colours. This helps to give the trophy a fullness and a greater level of visual diversity than can be gained from one block of cast acrylic.

A particularly eye-catching laminated trophy we have created is the Dods Parliamentary Award, one of which was awarded to former Prime Minister David Cameron! With its clear acrylic at the front and backed by multiple layers of more vibrantly coloured acrylic, this trophy proved fit for even the country’s most important politician.


Many custom trophies come attached to an engraved or printed plinth, allowing the trophy to stand upright. However, if designed properly, a cast acrylic trophy can be freestanding in its own right — a great choice if you want a trophy with a more distinctive shape.

This glacial award that we created for Harrods, which takes cues from the shape of a pyramid, is the perfect example of the beauty that can be achieved by a profiled, freestanding trophy.

Contact us!

Here at Award EFX we are able to create bespoke acrylic awards for you using all of the excellent techniques mentioned above. If you would like to discuss ideas for your own acrylic trophy, please get in touch with us by emailing or call 01789 450005 for your own free design.

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