I am thrilled to announce our company’s new brand and name — Aware.

Aware: Understand your digital workplace

Conversational data is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the content of written messages, email, texts, images and videos shared.

Digital conversations take on new meaning in the 21st century

What is different about conversational data?

Conversation data (text, emails, private messages) is unique in that it is generally unstructured. Unstructured data is information that either does not have a pre-defined data model or is not…

2,000,000 Paid Users on Workplace by Facebook

This past week, Workplace by Facebook announced that they are celebrating over 2,000,000 paid users. This major accomplishment came only a few years since the platform’s official debut in 2016.

The number of active users is likely much larger than that 2M mark, because this announcement doesn’t include participants in…

Collaboration Champions know that the thumbs up from compliance is necessary to get closer to their goal.

The workstream collaboration market continues to grow, and business leaders are paying attention. …

Getting the legal approval for collaboration tools shouldn’t be like going to court.

As a champion of collaboration, you need to partner with your legal team to ensure the success of your roll-out. Getting your general counsel onboard with these new tools is essential to confident, wall-to-wall enterprise collaboration adoption.

Workstream collaboration such as Workplace by Facebook, Yammer, Microsoft Teams and Slack disrupts…

Have the answers your CISO needs before they even ask

Enterprise security is a critical priority for many IT professionals, with many C-Suite executives citing it as a top concern. With new types of threats entering the technology landscape every day, the job of information security is never done.

The essential responsibilities of information security are consistent across organizations: reduce…

Cutting through red tape to bring collaboration to your company

Our CEO, Jeff Schumann, spent the past week in London with one of our key partners, Workplace by Facebook.

In preparing for those meetings, we had a lot of conversations about commonalities we see in the enterprises that have the most success with a collaboration roll-out. …

Press Release

Matt Pasternack has been named the Chief Product Officer of Wiretap, after serving as the Director of Product Management for nearly a year and a half.

As he steps into his new role, Pasternack is tasked with building out the product team and driving the strategy of Wiretap’s flagship Aware…

Consumerization of the Enterprise

Digital collaboration tools like Workplace by Facebook, Yammer®, Slack and Microsoft Teams are here to stay, and will keep growing.

Sometimes the exciting things that happen are the obvious ones. It’s always great when we get surprised by something new and cool. While that happens pretty often in the consumer world, it almost never happens in the corporate world. …

Winner of the inaugural award

Group picture from the Columbus Dispatch

As if we need another excuse to celebrate, today TechOhio recognized Wiretap as the best early stage startup culture in Ohio.

“We are truly honored to be recognized for a TechOhio Startup Culture award. Building a great company starts with culture. …

Aware (Formerly Wiretap)

Unblock & unleash workplace collaboration for your entire enterprise 🚀 Monitoring | DLP | Retention | Culture Protection | eDiscovery | Legal Holds | Archive

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