Amon Warmann
Feb 19, 2016 · 1 min read

Interesting article. Thank you for writing it.

I don’t think that anyone is denying that some people write for exposure (there was a time when that was absolutely the case for me). I think people are taking issue with Hull’s reasoning. So I’m not taking anything out of context, here’s Hull’s quote again:

“…we don’t pay them, but you know if I was paying someone to write something because I wanted it to get advertising pay, that’s not a real authentic way of presenting copy. So when somebody writes something for us, we know it’s real. We know they want to write it. It’s not been forced or paid for. I think that’s something to be proud of.”

What that implies is writers who are asking to be compensated for their work are doing it more for the money as opposed to the love, and I’m sure you’ll agree that that’s not true. My work is not any less authentic because I’m asking for payment.

Furthermore, there’s a very good chance that Hull is making money from work done by the UNPAID contributors he alludes to, which takes his comments to a whole other level of dumb.

I write for sites that are a lot smaller than The Huffington Post who are dedicated to paying their contributors. Hull’s reasoning for not doing the same with his site is silly.

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