These six steps can bring more power and meaning to your personal care rituals.

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Are you currently doing external things to your body, hoping for an internal change? Yes, it feels great to get a pedicure. So does a massage or acupuncture or reiki. Taking a yoga class is my personal favorite. But I’ve noticed, I can do all the physical self-care I want. But if I don’t integrate that positive energy into my life, I’m left feeling pretty empty afterward.

For example, many of us live in the energy of masculinity for most of the day, where we’re in the grind, hustling and getting things done. …

Lessons from “the slow life.”

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What if the “busy” way of life that we once considered normal is actually not optimal for us?

What if it’s not the way we really want our lives to be?

I saw this on Instagram the other day:

“Feeling the need to be ‘busy’ all the time is a trauma response and fear-based distraction from what you’d be forced to acknowledge and feel if you slowed down.”

It got me right in the heart. For most of my life, I’ve been your garden-variety workaholic, busy all the time.

But over the past four months, I’ve committed myself to:

  • Embracing the variety of lessons I can teach my children in person, from home — from gardening to robotics to the value of outdoor…

How you talk to employees now will define your brand for years to come

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The coronavirus pandemic has been a defining moment for employers across the nation. As we’ve all seen in the news recently, how companies respond to their employees during this uncertain time will define brands for years to come. Well-known crisis communications expert Andy Gilman subscribes to what he calls the “4Fs rule” for critical communications. The 4Fs helps us remember the four most important principles of crisis communications:

  • Factual
  • Frequent
  • Fast
  • Flexible

“This situation lies outside our control,” says Gilman. “[Employers] need to be empathic to employees, that they’re anxious at this time.” In our current coronavirus pandemic, your employer should be communicating with you in a Factual, Frequent, Fast, and Flexible way. Is your employer communicating with you in the most effective, helpful way possible? …

In the era of global pandemic, his words are truer now than ever.

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One of my ten year old’s school-from-home assignments during the coronavirus pandemic was a reading-for-comprehension exercise on Louisa May Alcott.

The short, dry text was accompanied by a black-and-white photo of Alcott looking dour, her dark hair pulled back into a schoolmarmish bun. Oh man, I thought. How do I make this interesting to a little boy who loves lacrosse, mountain biking, and Formula 1 racing?

The text mentioned Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau, both of whom were referred to as Alcott’s “teachers.”

Aha! I thought. He’ll love learning about these men, who share his childlike reverence and love for the woods.

I’ve been writing (and making money) on Medium since August 2019. Here are my favorite pubs.

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I’ve been a professional content writer for the past ten years. Nonfiction writing has always been my life. In second grade, I had a small library under the basement stairs in my house filled with self-authored books by yours truly. I’m in my forties now, but my Mom held on to one of my classics from that era, “How to Care for Your Pet Hamster.” It’s pretty thorough, a bit dry, but well-illustrated. …

Here’s why empaths and introverts should be honored as crucial to the survival of a free society.

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I personally have always been very proud of my high pain tolerance.

I have also suffered from cystic acne since I was in my teens.

If you’re an acne sufferer like me, these some of these painful treatments may sound familiar:

  • acid peels that leave skin super-sensitive to cold, wind, heat
  • harsh topical treatments like benzoyl peroxide, retinoids, dapzone, salicylic and/or azelaic acid which have the same effect
  • oral antibiotics that cause painful upset stomach and diarrhea (TMI?)
  • oral prescription medicines with birth defect warnings on the label
  • blood draws for routine cholesterol checks for above medicines
  • pregnancy tests, and
  • doctor-ordered birth control, even if you’re not sexually active. …

I took these lessons from Taylor Swift, Jacob Appel, and Mark Manson to heart.

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I could relate, somehow, when Taylor Swift recounted the pressure she feels to constantly reinvent herself in her recent documentary Miss Americana.

I’m no pop star. But I often find myself completely upending my life, going down rabbit holes trying to reimagine a good life and what it means.

I’m realizing that especially now, in the information age, intellectual curiosity can be a liability. Yes, you heard me right! Me, the lifelong learner, who gets so much pleasure out of reading and learning and consuming information is officially saying it: curiosity can kill the best cat. I’m the one who loves taking online courses, getting additional certifications in yoga, following my curiosity. Growing, growing, growing. But lately, I’m reigning myself in. …

He cut his $1M+ salary to give out raises and was called a socialist, but still has a thriving company.

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I couldn’t believe this actually happened when I heard it on a podcast the other day, and the story is still making me smile. Back in 2015, a young entrepreneur in Seattle decided all employees at his company should have a $70K minimum salary.

In order to achieve this, he slashed his own $1.1M salary by 90%.

You see, he’d read a study about diminishing marginal returns, the economic principle saying more money — or more of anything, really — has an upward limit in the amount of happiness it can bring. Excessive chocolate cake gives you a stomach ache. …

Some rays of hope from tech in the midst of the current COVID-19 crisis.

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When things get particularly bleak on the news and I feel there’s no way out, one of my practices is to go online and do research.

I find the doctors, the technologists, the public policy experts who’ve been studying this all their lives. The ones who’ve been trying to make a difference.

Here is a brief list, to provide you with some hope and positivity in the midst of the current chaotic news landscape.

  1. BlueDot (Canada)’s AI-based infectious disease surveillance system warned of the threat several days before the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or the World Health Organization issued their public warnings. …

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Here at Well Woman, we’re taking the current situation one day at a time, and recognize many of you may be in a state of confusion. Please read our most recent story by Well Woman founder Amanda Warton Jenkins: Don’t Panic. But Please Take Coronavirus Seriously.

Her piece Content is Dead. Credibility is King. may also help you navigate the uncertain waters of our current online news situation.

On a happy note, we’re so excited to welcome our newest writers, nutritionist and science writer Maria Cross MSc and work-from-home Mom Jennifer Rock. …


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