Fogging machine and its uses in domestic and agriculture field

Let us know what fog machine is before going further. Fog machine, as name indicates is a machine used to create fog. Dense vapor is produced that resembles fog or smoke. They are widely used in various fields including entertainment field to create fog like atmosphere. They are bigger in size, but nowadays more common type of fog machines is used and they are manufactured to meet individual purposes. Some of the applications are found in the following fields

· Training

· Industrial

· Military

· Agriculture

· Domestic

· Entertainment field

The chemical is filled in filling tank and they are emitted using either thermal energy or chilled. The application of temperature varies according to the end use and type of chemical used to create fog.

Since we are concerned with the thermal fogging equipment let us focus our attention towards obtaining details of this particular product. Thermal fog machine use inert gas, electric pump to eject the gas, mineral oil, and water or mixture of all these things. When we say thermal fog machine it is mainly based on its pumping mechanism. It also has a fluid container where either mixture of chemical is filled or any single chemical as per the end use required. They are manufactured based on specific usage. However in the recent years manufacturers are coming with machines that can be used for various applications. They have variety of features such as variable speed in pumping activity, output controller, in built timers, components for remote use and status monitoring facility. Whether it is heat or cold the efficiency remains same both work similarly.

As mentioned earlier they are used in multiple fields, which are mentioned above. When you online you will find number of websites that are successfully dealing these products and they are providing good service to their consumers. Choosing right fog machine saves a lot of spent on fluids. After all, end results matter for the users. However, they should observe some of the qualities before purchasing any product.

It should be environment friendly. Water based products work perfectly and they are also very easy to use. It should be light weight, since portability should be great as it is carried out as a backpack machine, the lighter the better.

It should be compatible for any type of chemical fogging. Especially for agriculture purpose if the fog is dense then the purpose of creating fog will be fulfilled as they are extensively used to eradicate insects and pests. Therefore this particular machine is used for chemical fogging. In general, these machines are compatible pharmaceutical grade ingredients and FDA approved chemicals.

The pumps and tanks are available in variable capacities so that one can choose according to the area that needs to be covered. Both electrically operated and manually operated products are available in the market. Even though, there is increasing demand for the power operated products, it is quite common that manually operated machines are also used if the area covered is small enough.

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