What are the uses of battery powered backpack sprayer

Battery powered backpack sprayers are in use in almost all golf courses since from long time. They need steady and powerful backpack sprayer to maintain their lush green grass healthy. Lawn care and pest control purposes. They are extensively used for the vegetation management services. Manufacturers are continuously modifying based on their consumers reviews. Some of them in the market are known for their best quality and maintenance free features. Battery powered backpack sprayers are replaced for the manual operated sprayers; obvious reason is that with flip of switch battery powered backpack can be used very easily and comfortably. However, people often forget what to search for when they are thinking about buying sprayers. Here are few tips for the consumers who wish to buy best available in the market. The aim of this article is to guide people so that they can get best for the money spent. Follow these steps and ensure yourself that you got best from the available choices.

· Check for the quality: When I say quality, it is not only in terms of materials used for the manufacturing of the product, but the accessories involved, ease of operation and other features as well in the long run. Power style hose, adjustable poly wands, so that one need not hunch or have trouble in spraying, and poly shut off valve.

· Battery life: When sprayers are used sufficient battery life should be there for longer and continuous use. The longer the battery life, higher will be the area covered. Usually battery life will be anywhere from 8 to 10 hours of time.


· Opening should be large: The large openings should be there to avoid spilling of the fluid. This is extremely important as some of these chemicals are pesticides and insecticides where spilling over skin may harm skin surface.


· Check for the availability of different types of nozzle: Usually, manufacturers will provide four different varieties of nozzle allowing users change them as and when required.


· Provision to use rechargeable batteries: When they are fully charged they can be used for entire day’s work continuously.


· Check weight after it is filled with the liquid: Often users forget this fact, but weight of product is important, and you can add four gallon liquid weight to it to get exact weight of the product.

· Easy and comfortable to operate: One should use minimum effort to operate the machine to reduce the strain on shoulder and hand. People often prefer thumb operated machine.

· Sealing of the cap after filling the liquid should be tight to avoid sealing. Check whether it is provided with the additional gaskets or not.

Instead of metal tanks, go for polyethylene tanks as they are light weight and easy to carry.

Now coming to most important part of the product, check whether shoulder straps are good and if they can hold the weight of the product or not. They should be padded and should easy length adjustments. It is better, if you can get extra back shoulder padding as it is comfortable to carry backpack.

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