It’s been a weird year for me personally but luckily I have been able to continue my drawing practice.

Two major achievements this year for me, were the release of two new comics
George Bloop
Imagined Mysteries : A Tribute to Leonard Nimoy

What’s next?
 I’m going to continue posting drawings online and exploring different themes. I’m hoping that maybe a story will emerge from these doodles, but if not I can just enjoy them for what they are. I’m hoping to get a new comic out this year, I’d like to do something in B&W, maybe even something in a series. One of the things that took me so long to publish Imagined Mysteries was the colouring process. I feel a bit stuck with my comic writing at the moment. I’m going to have to design some small challenge for myself to hopefully get around the block (like the one I did above).

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