Always Take A Vacation

It’s March 3, 2016 and I just got home from a three day vacation in Miami Beach, Florida. Three months into 2016 and I was ready for a vacation, most people read this go “dude, I won’t even be able to take a vacation this year.” My response, “I feel bad for you.”

While most of the country’s brightest and most ambitious people are struggling to relax and recharge. I am the complete opposite. If you live for the weekends and once-a-year vacations, you’re doing it wrong. I am always on vacation, well not actually but in my mind. I know how to relax and forget about work. Sometimes.. I do have sleepless nights from time to time when I have a huge list of unpaid invoices and no work schedule for next week. But when I relax, take a deep breath, everything seems to work it self out.

2016 has been off to my best start yet. I was in San Francisco for the Super Bowl first weekend in February. I opened a photography studio in downtown Toledo with videographer Ryan Lynch and the word started getting out and I have been slammed since then.

Everyone thinks just because I set my own schedule that I am not working long hours or weekends. I just do it a little different then most of America. Some days I will work 15 hours and then not work the next day, or work 25 hours in a weekend and slack off Monday and Tuesday. I don’t really keep a log of hour many hours I work, mainly because I would be sick. But I have always followed the motto:

Do What You Love and You Will Never Work a Day In Your Life.

That is exactly how I am living.

But here is a rough log:

Shooting: 21 days of actual shooting
Meetings: 12 meetings
Editing: Countless hours.

Shooting: 23 days of actual shooting
Meetings: 7 meetings
Editing: Countless hours.

My vacation in Miami Beach might sound fancy or amazing by the looks of my Instagram feed, but I was always observing and thinking. That is the best part of vacation, to put your self in a different culture and experience new and interesting things. Yes, laying pool side and sipping a $15 vodka lemonade on a Monday at 10:00am is amazing, but I was building a list in my head. How can I become a better photographer, how do I help create more dynamic and interesting content for my clients, why is that girl taking so many selfies, man this hotel needs better photography, and wondering who is running the hotels Instagram page. The list went on and on the more I soaked into the 85 degree sunlight.

Yes, I was always hustling. I took 3 phone calls from new clients who wanted to shoot something as soon as I returned. So I had to get them a quote. I followed up people whom I had sent quotes to who I haven’ t heard back from yet and I stalked companies website, Instagram and Facebook pages to see what they were using for imagery to reach out to when I returned home.

Running your own business never stops, but you don’t have to be in your office to make it happen. I am writing this post at 11:51 pm on a Wednesday night sitting first class on my way home from Miami.

But I experienced new things, gained some appreciation for graffiti and learned that at some point in life everyone will need a photographer.

So next time you go, I am to busy to take a vacation. Take a look in the mirror and say I deserve this. You will come back refreshed and with a new outlook on life.

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