Make Your User A Priority With User-First Web Design

This is a common fact that people are using mobile devices voraciously. Whether it is for business purposes or personal, mobile devices are now the part of every marketing strategy. Every business around the corner of the world knows that and frequently keep that in check when designing their business website. This is where the term, “User-First Design” coined in website design company.

In this post, you will learn all the rudimentary facts about the User-First Web Design. How is this type of design being used in Singapore and other parts of the world to maximise profits in businesses? What course of actions you need to take to keep your users first before designing a website and how you can do it.

So, let’s get started,

A User-First Web Design

It is a process which outlines all the phases of a web design and development life-cycle with a deep understanding of your users, products and services. It is a study by which you will cater the right thing for the user on your website. Respecting the user’s expectations is always the key to a successful business.

While designing your business website you must suffice that need or the customer will fulfil that somewhere else. The question you might think of is how you can prioritise your user while designing a website.

How To Prioritise Your User?

First, for prioritising your user, you need to understand their specific needs (That are relevant to your business). In order to do that, you need to conduct an extensive research on the market and the user.

Research on user must include these factors,

• Their Demographics
 • Their Socioeconomic background
 • Their buying habits
 • Their Buying capabilities
 • Their likes and dislikes

With these essential data, you can know your user and their needs. Once you know these factors, you need to move onto your market needs.

What do you want from your customers? Where you want your brand to stand on? Do you want repeat sales or not? Do you just want followers on the website?

These type of questions need to be answered. Only then you can prioritise your users. Once you understand these factors, you need to move on to the course of actions.

The Process Of User-First Web Design

The process is quite simple. However, you need to make sure that nothing is skipped from the process as this can really affect your observation of the target audience.

• The first thing you need to be sure about your target audience. For that specify the context of your website usage. Why will a user visit your website? You need to find the right answer to specify the context.
 • Now, formulate user goals and a set of requirements that must be met to make sure that the user needs are satisfied. Once you are done with these two steps, all you need to do is start designing your website.
 • For design process, you must take your goals into account. Acknowledge the feedback on your prospects and test your website a lot for usability.
 • You must understand the user requirements. Make sure to collect all the necessary data through usability testing, focus groups, participatory design, card sorting, personal interviews and questionnaires.
 • Visualize your user’s persona. This will help you to understand specifically how a user is feeling when he/she is visiting your website. That way you can cater them the exact thing they seek on your website.


User-First web design is not just a process, it is a research methodology to understand the customer’s needs and increase your sales. Because you can only fulfil them if you understand them in the first.

A website design company always come in handy here. They understand the relevance of the user base and they always follow the proper methodology to understand the user’s need.

Let’s hope you got what you are looking for. Share this post and spread the awareness. Till then have a wonderful day ahead and all the best for your business website.