Creative Photography Challenge: 20 Photos Express Loneliness

To learn more about psychology and creativity through photography…

With the aim to learn more about psychology and creativity through photography, I asked my friends to join a creative photography challenge, and send me a photo that resembles loneliness. Thank you all for your support!

What do you see and feel?

What makes you feel lonely?

How would you take a photo that resembles loneliness?

Please leave your thoughts below and join our discussion.

“A Soul That Sees Beauty May Sometimes Walk Alone.”
— — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Drew Stone

Jimmy Hodge

This is Maple every morning when Mom and Dad go to work.


My knuckle was fractured from skate boarding couple months ago. I just recently took the cast off.. However, my fingers’ motion are yet to recover and I’m struggling to play music again… I’m feeling further apart from my identity.


It only came with one controller. Longing for the past… and a friend…

Jerry Peng

My lonely carnival.

Mason Kelley

Budi Mulyo

Harry Hummus Humphrey III

It was in Bali Indonesia zoo, the owl seemed sad and lonely…

Ada Guo

Some art work from a local artist’s gallery in Trinidad, Cuba. And this is what I feel: you can see each other, but hard to know each other.

Sebastián Sánchez

Lake Union, Seattle

Jing Cai

This was taken in St Andrews when I backpacked around Europe. Facing the gorgeous sunset scene, I have no one to share my feeling. I suppose the girl in the photo also felt so.

Steffany Powell

Malibu, CA
A man facing the vastness of the ocean can feel so small and so lonely.

Jiong Gong

Carkeek Park
That bird was standing there still for half an hour.

Jiashu Lei

Qinghai, China
The photo made me lonely since I could not see any house and people when I looked at the mountains.

Bill Zhang

It takes a lot of hard work and courage to find food and to survive in the harsh, baron glaciers of Alaska, especially for a seagull.

Mary Kriney K

Snow day, I was missing an old friend.

Marshall Chen

Griffith Observatory
I took the picture because I thought it was an interesting frame: a moon, a tower, a star, all alone, and people wandering through the frame.
You think your everyday life and hustle fills up your life, but you are just as lonely as the moon and the star.

Mohammed Ismail

1284 8th Pl W , Seattle
Maybe it’s because of the fog… and walking without talk make me feel sad for them.

Kun Shao

Glacier National Park
That day we hiked 8 miles uphill when we reached the peak at 8000 feet. There was completely nothing, except this tiny house labeled as “private residence”.
Just as I was wondering WHO ON EARTH lives here, a man walked out and greeted us. He is a fire lookout volunteer at Glacier National Park.
Gallons of water, some cookware, binoculars, a stack of books, a sleeping bag and a giant solar panel make up his entire life. Every two weeks he and his mule walk to the bottom of the mountain to get some groceries and propane. He watches the ultimate panoramic view in the morning, and talks with hikers from all over the world in the afternoon.
8 years like that.

Awen Wen

The Quad, University of Washington, Seattle
They have each other, but… they are snowmen.
I have nobody, but… I am a human being.


What do you see and feel?

What makes you feel lonely?

How would you take a photo that resembles loneliness?

Please leave your thoughts below and join our discussion. We are not alone.