FeathersJS:My Painless Addiction with building API’s.

Hey! Few minutes of your time will be spent on reading my personal findings on my recent addiction,FeathersJS.

As at the time of writing this article part of my commitment to 100daysofcode was to work on my backend skillset and also work on a project,Easy there! I won’t bore you with that.

Back to my main aim of writing this article:

Getting started with FeathersJS:

Let me assume you don’t know a thing about Feathers,in mere terms feathers is an OPEN SOURCE JavaScript framework that works on client and server side using Hooks and Services.It gives you a fun filled feeling on the go :) for web and mobile app development by taking out all complexities.

Just a few seconds,I want to walk you through on how I bumped into feathers.Hold on! I promised not to bore you yeah,I am sorry I can’t hold it back.So I was working on a project that involves building an API backend that works on Node web server,while doing that I encountered some challenges,yet another sleepless night for me and BOOM! feathersJS,well my initial expression was ehn! ehn! yet another Javascript framework,I had no choice but to read through the documentation and my next expression was:

Thank goodness!

The amazing thing about this framework is the ease in building instant RESTful and/or socket based API’s allowing web, mobile and other developers to communicate with your application.Well, you might say what’s so special about this,it is to me :),saves me time!

That is one among many other features which I am yet to explore PRACTICALLY.On my next post I will tell you how I built my app using feathersJS and possibly a roadmap on learning feathersJS.

I promise! :)

Thanks for the read.