Ironhack | Wire frame challenge

My mission should I choose to accept it, is to wire frame a pre existing app of my choice. The final version should be five wire framed screens and a fimga prototype.

What is

Nebenan is a social media platform for interactions in a user’s neighborhood area. It includes neighborhoods in a number of German cities. The network is run by Good Hood GmbH and was created in 2015. It has a bulletin board and a market place.


The thing I love about this app is that you can only see posts that are in your direct neighborhood and directly adjacent. This mean that when you are either trying to sell, buy or give things away, the only people who can see them are the locals directly in your community. In my experience this increases the turn around of either releasing or collecting items due to the fact that it is just around the corner. Its simple, straight forward and effective. It also means that the person you had this interaction with you will probably see again. In this was it really strengthen the sense of community in your local area.

Dissecting user flow

This app can be used in the bulletin board for local event or some keys you found on the street. What I wanted to focus on in the market place. More specifically the steps you take from opening the app, going to the market place, sorting thing that are only for free and finally messaging the neighbor looking to pass something along.

Low Fi

I first made a crude drawing of the journey a user would take from step one, opening the app to step six of sending a message to the OP.

The Digital Wireframe

Now we get into the fun stuff. First as a reference point these are the six screen I am basing this on.

…and here is what i did.


I had a great time learning about the deconstruction of the elements of the app. Making the interaction on the prototype was really interesting as well. I also had no idea how many useful plugins there is. Figma is such a powerful tool.

Thanks for reading.



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