These 7 Steps will make you safe from WannaCry

Safeguard yourself from WannaCry in less than 30 minutes with these simple steps.

What is WannaCry? Explained for 5 year olds.

WannaCry is a malware. It downloads onto your Windows PC when you click a malicious link in your email, IM or any website. It encrypts all your data, asks you to pay some money to decrypt to make your data usable again. It also propagates to other computers in your network and infects them. Once infected, you will not be able to do anything on your PC, unless your format it completely.

WannaCry is asking for $300 worth of the crypto-currency Bitcoin to unlock the contents of the computers.

Once infected, you will not be able to do anything on your PC.

Who are affected?

If you are using Windows XP(oh please update! :) ), Windows 8, and pretty much anything that starts with Windows, you are exposed 100%. Update your Windows OS right now.

Mac, Linux, Unix, iOS and Android users have no reason but with that said, stay alert, just in case, you know.

Update your Windows OS like right now! Start > Control Panel > Update.
This is what you will see if you are infected with WannaCry. Do NOT pay. Paying them will not work.

Tip 1 — Update your OS as covered above.

Tip 2— Don’t click on any links or download any files.

Do NOT click on any links in your email blindly. WannaCry uses this method as a #1 technique to propagate itself over the networks. Hover the mouse pointer over the links. You will see a tooltip. If you think the address or file is safe, click it. In case of any doubts, ignore it for now. The world is not going to end.

Just imagine that clicking on links and downloading is banned. Period.

Tip 3— Update your anti-virus and run a thorough scan.

Remember, update and then scan. Open your anti-virus and click on update. As simple as that. Once done, do a complete scan, thorough scan, deep scan, whatever your anti-virus calls it. This might take a while, but let it run in the background.

Tip 4 — Disable JavaScript in your browser.

Try using Firefox or Chrome on your Windows PC. Firefox with NoScript add-on would be a very good option. The best option is to disable JavaScript on your browser altogether. There is a downside though. Not all sites will work. Not all sites will look good but it is better than losing all your data forever. But it is much better than losing your data forever and have the red nagging screen as seen above.

Tip 5 — Scan USBs before opening them

Any USB that you have might be infected. Just scan them before you open them.

Tip 6

Use your common sense.

Tip 7 — Go offline.

For the completely paranoid.

What if you are affected already?

Stay calm. There is nothing you can do right now. Anti-virus vendors are working hard to provide a solution to decrypt your data.Don’t copy paste files from your machine. It wouldn’t work. News will be out when there is a solution. If you have a backup, format your PC and use the back-up to restore your files.

Will paying the ransom really unlock the files?

No. Don’t bother. You need to pay in Bitcoins. Do you have Bitcoins? Moreover WannaCry creators don’t have a customer support to assist all those who pay. They will get off with your money.

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