Music for podcast intro/outro

Album art is easy to change and tweak, but your audio branding is hard to change, helps define your show and sets the tempo and energy for the show.
— Mark Deal

It’s important to use royalty-free music or to get required permissions upfront, to avoid copyright issues down the line.

Any reproduction or performance of a copyrighted work without permission, is infringement. — Daniel J. Lewis, The Audacity to Podcast

For examples of what is and isn’t “fair use”, read

You have three main options:

1. Use material that’s in the public domain

Anything in public domain (like classic fairytales) is free for anyone to use.


Of course, ideally you want a distinctive sound… “One thing with using royalty free music though is to keep in mind that since they are royalty free, other people may use the same tunes.” — Tanel Jäppinen

2. Buy music cheaply

  2. Audio Jungle
  3. Music Radio Creative (affiliate link)

3. Commission original music just for your podcast

If your budget permits, consider hiring a freelance musician to create a jingle just for your show. This gives your show a truly distinctive feel.

Bonus: Add free sound effects to your show

Whether for your intro or for use during the episode, there are a variety of free sounds available on places like Check out this free set of samples including applause, police siren, crickets

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