A Message for the Talia Jane Haters…
Kimberly Crawley

Couple thoughts…

First, I think it’s her tone that many readers find off-putting. It doesn’t come across as outreach. It comes across as berating and lashing out. The tenor of her writing might get attention but it’s optimized for polarization. I’ll leave it up to others to decide if that’s the best way to advance a conversation.

Then there are the comparisons people make between Talia and themselves when they were in her circumstances. They think of the financial choices they made around that age, and the budgeting and forethought they put into their decisions. And they don’t see themselves in her. I think they tend to see Talia as someone who feels they deserve to start out with certain things automatically. An apartment all to themselves. A car. Ray-Bans? And choosing the most expensive city in the US to have them, in an entry level position. And lamenting having to do entry level work for “an entire year.” That is where I think people fail to generate sympathy. It is as if she did no budgeting or planning whatsoever, and is now upset at the reality.

Why people should transfer money to someone who presumably knew what her income would be, and at least should have known her expenses, is outside my understanding. In my opinion, roommates (I had 3 at her age), financial literacy and forethought would have done Talia much more than lashing out.

None of this is to discount the issues so salient in San Francisco when it comes to housing costs, or CEO compensation. Those are real issues, and main contributors to why I myself have never moved to SFO, even though now at my age I can mostly ‘afford’ it. But rewinding myself back to that time, it’s clear that Talia and people like me had different expectations, and different strategies.

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