Conversation with My Wife (80)
Jack Herlocker

My most decidedly very extra-specially good sir —

It has been far too long since I typed at you, and for that I am nothing short of both a cad and a bounder who humble beseeches your forgiveness.

Your post prompted two responses from me:

  1. The Phantom Tollbooth is perhaps my favorite book in the whole wide world — definitely top three. I’ve read it probably twelve times, including out loud twice with my daughters. I quote it often in conversation. I abhor the appalling attempt at a movie version of it infiltrated by Chuck Jones, whose preceding oeuvre I actually greatly enjoy. Yet I shall go to my grave withholding forgiveness for this atrocity. It delights me that this book delights you and renders you only that much more kindred to me.
  2. The Philadelphia Gas Works joke is just damned SPOOKY, as I’m currently at work on a new comic or two (yes, you heard it here first, I’m working on new comics) in which my wife realizes that much of what she appreciates about me (and little of what annoys her about me) she can get from a space heater. Details to follow.

Hope you and the good lady are living a life that serves as the definition of happy for all those suckers still trying to figure out what it means.

Great to read your stuff, as always.