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Asian countries are different to western ones. Though in this modern age we share a lot in common, the culture is still unknown to most of the others. As I am in the gaming industry, which reflects about the culture and emotion of people, I can feel a lot.

I don’t think Twitter can/should simply do everything weibo has done to win. But a few of weibo’s features are really helpful to Twitter.

For instance, I can’t post this on Twitter without the help of medium. The 140 chars are too limited and it will divert people outside Twitter if they need to read something longer.

Another point is that I’m allowed to follow millions of people on Twitter while the platform doesn’t give a chance for me to explore. That’d be quite messy after I followed a lot of people. The information would be too much and I’m going to be very confused reading my timeline. That would also make Twitter kind of a place that spammers are likely to rush in. Because they can easily “gain attention” by endlessly following others.

BTW, I noticed that you are from @medium. That’s cool. I think Twitter should just acquire and integrate you into their native features. :) And did you realize that the <ol><li> stuff are not working perfect when I have to insert an image under one <li>?

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