The Upgrade
Sarah Sunday

This is a lovely short story and a neat glimpse into the other side of the mirror of AI. The details are deliciously petite and vague, giving flavor without being overwhelmingly specific or melodramatic. The ant burgers sound delicious. The style is sparse and wry, which, I think, goes with that of an AI; it is deliberate, not purple.

That being said… I will hearken back to one of the old saws of all writing teachers everywhere; when possible, show rather than tell. This was a great glimpse into the *mind* of this android… but not its (her? his?) life. The small glimpses of pet, job, project are delightful. But I wonder if she (for some reason, I read it as she… possibly because the author is) has reasons for wanting go to Europa. Does she have a friend (either bio or techno) who inspired her to this task? Does she want to stay un-upgraded because of a relationship or fear of losing an edge?

I would love to see this piece as a conversation rather than a journal entry, which is what it reads as now. It’s a very well written piece; no critiques on that count. But if it was encoded (ahem) in a short piece about her upcoming trip to Europa… if the change was maybe feared not just by her, but by a friend who liked/loved her for her 98.9-ness…

Just a random thought from a random friend on the Ineterwebs. :-)