Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

My father once told me that he first saw my Mom when he was trying to tie his shoelaces. I remember just nodding my head, shrugging with indifference. But the more I come to think of it, the more I realize how much my parents mean to each other. Remembering trivial things about each other like when my Dad first visited my Mom’s house or the flavour of the ice cream they had when they first met, all these may sound cheesy but, remembering these happy moments makes them smile , makes them blush, makes them go back in time and re-live those moments .. Remembering the flavour of a dessert is not as silly as it sounds. It involves remembering the conversation that flowed between the mouthfuls of melting ice cream. Remembering how u fretted over what dress to wear is not as shallow as it seems. It involves remembering how you wanted to be special to that person. After 20 years of marriage, my parents’ world now revolves around me, my education, my career, my well-being. Their conversations now involve more of me and very less of themselves. I have now become an inseparable part of their existence. But there are times when I catch a glimpse of their love. when my father, the angry ,still young , man smiles at my mother’s rants about his ,sometimes inconsiderate, decisions or when my mother, just as beautiful as she was when she became my father’s bride, just laughs when my Dad comments about her weight . Because my Dad,though being the perfectionist that he is, relies on my Mom to point out his minor flaws, because she now knows him inside-out and he knows that and feels proud about it.. And because my Mom knows that my Dad would always love her , till the end of his life, regardless of how she would look like. My parents together built a small world for themselves and built it out of trust, understanding and sacrifice. They dealt with every possible obstacle imaginable in the process, making them value each other more and more. And then, I was born, a symbol of their love. How special I feel when I refer to myself that, how important and how proud! I who witnessed 19 years of the 20 year marriage of my parents would be the chronicler of their magical journey which like a fairy tale, would have a beautiful ending. And I believe I would do my job well , as I carry the genes of two spectacular people whom I will never let down. Mom and Dad, you both are the gems of my existence .I am your diamond. My Dad is my Mom’s hero and my Mom, my Dad’s angel. 20 golden years, you have travelled together, 80 more await. We are one happy, little family and will always warm our hearts with each others’s presence. Touchwood!!!! and Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad.

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